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If you work in the creative industries, you already know that competition for your customers’ attention is tough out there. Real tough.

The good news is that with up-to-the-minute industry insights and practical expert guidance you can quickly gain the knowledge and confidence to deliver creative (and cost-effective!) digital strategies that could help boost your business, drive sales and drastically grow your audience.

At Digital Marketing London we love to teach creative minds the geeky stuff that gets their content, campaigns and services seen, shared and loved online.

What sets our training approach apart is that our certified training courses are taught by London’s top industry experts. Our Expert Tutors all actively working in the Content Marketing, Digital PR, Experiential Events & Tech – which means you get to peek behind the curtain and see what works and what doesn’t for our own businesses, clients and brands.

As Official Education Partners of the Digital Marketing Institute, our Intensive Bootcamp Courses are fully-accredited and taught in over 50 countries worldwide.

Whether you’re a marketing novice or a brand communications veteran, we believe that with the right training – and of course a little practice – everyone can become their very own digital marketing expert. Just like these guys…

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“I love helping creative businesses find their tribe both on and off-line. As a PR and digital consultant I’m lucky to work with some amazing brands who are not afraid to be disruptive, businesses who want to connect directly with their customers and those who want to combine creative campaigns based on insights, demand…and a little gut feel.

But I am not alone.

Digital Marketing London is a collective of creative online marketing experts who will help you connect the dots and boost your business.”

– Irene Moore, Co-founder & Director



PR & Digital Communications

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“I worked with Irene for a number of years during which she was the Account lead for Collection 2000 cosmetics.  I have always found Irene to be a superior brand advocate and always positively professional.  These attributes combined with her strong industry and media contacts
would always make her first on my list for brand PR in the UK.”

Angela Burglass, CEO – Trilogy Skincare

“Having a brainstorming session with Irene really helped to set me on my path to planning my first speaking event. With her experience, knowledge and network, the session was an absolute breeze and I left with so much more clarity. She helped me look at my event from different angles to see which would work best for my market.”

Mai Kai, CEO & Speaker, Create Your Health Style

“I was really impressed with the lecturers and the fact that they are all working in the industry at this moment in time.”

– James, PR & Marketing Director

“Interviewers loved that I had that experience with
lecturers working in the field….”

– Jessica, Social Content Specialist

“I learnt so much more in 5 days then I expected I could learn in a year!
I definitely feel that is has given me the competitive edge…”

– Roisin, Digital Communications Manager




Digital Marketing London is a collective of London's finest marketing experts powering some of the biggest and best-loved brands in the world today. We teach a five different accredited diplomas, delivered over an intensive 5-day boot camp. We also provide business upskilling, freelance PR & digital consultancy, and a careers matching services for youth marketeers. Company registration no: 09270424


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