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Quick Guide to Developing Your Digital Strategy


Unsurprisingly, one of the most common questions we get asked is ‘how do I develop and plan a digital strategy?’

The biggest mistake is to just create a document with lots of busy and confusion social media tactics

for each of your brand launches that site independently of each other instead of complement each

other. It really isn’t about just building a social media following for the sake of it, but more about

how you are building brand strategy with the consumer at the very heart.

Below are five ways you can ensure you are building a strategy that is based on consumer insights

and that will help build your brand equity in the long term.

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1. Create an iterative process. The dynamics or your market place, your customers, your

competitors and your USP/competitive advantage will all determine how best to build a

strategy that stays true to your brand essence, but also gives you the flexibility to adapt your

approach as needed.

2. Understand your audience. Consider their situation, what they want to achieve, where they

‘hang out’ both on social and in the real world. All of these things will influence their

behaviour and, in turn, should influence how you connect with them.

3. Agree on your approach. Whilst it’s beneficial to have a good understanding of how the key

digital marketing channels can help drive your brand strategy, it may be best to select the

fewer approaches that will make the biggest step change to your brand objectives.

4. Always consider the legal and ethical implications. Most online marketing is permission

based, so it’s essential to understand and ensure compliance with any data capture related

activity especially.

5. Measure, analyse & iterate. It’s important to create an action plan that clearly maps out

frequency, measurement tools, KPIs and spend. When considering spend this also includes

talent and time, so definitely worth looking at areas that you can perhaps pitch out to

experts or agencies, so you can focus on building powerful relationships and creating killer


As PR evolves from a presentational to more interactive approach, it’s important to give ourselves

check points at which we can review, amend or boost activity if needed to encourage campaign


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23rd August 2016


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