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Quick Guide to Instagram Marketing


Unless you’ve been living in a dark cave with no wifi for the last six years, you already know the

power that Instagram app has to growing your brands audience.

The fashion, beauty and luxury sector were early adopters of this social media platform and in recent

years we’ve since seen challenger brands with no traditional media enjoy incredible results because

of the clever way they use Instagram to build engaged communities.

As PR today increasingly includes some form of community management, here’s our top 5 Tips on

how to master Instagram marketing so your brands can do the same:

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1. Identify your tribe. Get real specific about who your ideal customer is and spend some time

seeking her out. Incentivise her to invite her friends along with ‘invite your friend’ initiatives

and research the best hashtags for your crowd. Sites like Hashtagify can help with research.

2. Celebrate your community. Encourage regular sharing around your brand centred on a

specific hashtag. Share the posts that you know will inspire the community across all your

socials and provide a full credit to the originator.

3. Reward brand loyalty. Identify your Top 10 engaged IGers (we use Iconosquare for this) and

make them your go-to crew for community insights. Comment regularly on their feed and

invite them to co-host online events with their favourite brand.

4. Pay attention to your grid. Keep things interesting and mix up your content. From quotes,

Reposts and Videos there’s so much you can do in addition to inspire your tribe. For our

clients we have a 1:2 product vs. inspiration ratio for brands posting 3x daily.

5. Engage and collaborate. Reach out to like-minded influencers, brand fans and creatives who

may want to share audiences through competitions and collaborations.

For more inspiration on how clever brands are using Instagram to promote their brand through

inspiration, education and a generally having tonnes of fun, check out some of these IG all-stars

@nyxcosmetics @thebodycoach and (our personal fave) @baddiewinkle

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2nd August 2016


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