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Quick Guide to Twitter Parties


No matter what shiny new app comes along, we still can’t shake our deep love for Twitter. Not just

because watching awards ceremonies and live events is so much more fun with your one eye on the

# – how do tweet peeps make those memes so quickly?! – but also because of its power to drive

traffic to your site or other social channels.

One way fashion & beauty brands can have credible conversations around their brands on twitter is

through collaborating with influencers, ambassadors and our twitter community in an online tweet

up – otherwise known as a Twitter Takeover, Twitter Party, Twitter Q&A and so forth.

Here’s our top 5 tips for hosting a successful twitter party.

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1. Pre-promote. Like all good events it’s important to create awareness before. Post out an

invitation and don’t forget the hashtag so non-followers can jump in to the chat too.

2. Identify your co-hosts. Find between 2-6 wing men/women to help promote the event on

their channels and keep the pace during the chat.

3. Pre-plan your topics and FAQs. Sit down with your resident expert/spokesmodel and draft

some FAQ answers beforehand. You’ll find the similar questions keep being asked and it will

speed up the process.

4. Share something exclusive. Don’t leave all the work to your twitter guests. Reward them for

attending your online event by directing them to some new content on your video channels

or even create a dedicated mailing list where they can receive a special treat for showing up.

5. Provide a clear CTA and opportunity for follow up. Let your guests know where to find you

when the chat is over and share a link to a blog/FB page where any questions you didn’t

have time to answer live will be posted.

Regular Twitter parties have the power to increase you’re your audience, email database and

website traffic. They are great for brands on a tight budget and an excellent way to build a closer

connection with your audience.

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9th August 2016


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