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How to work with Bloggers to Boost Your SEO


When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, our friends at the Digital Marketing Institute define it

as “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or webpage through natural or organic search



There are typically two sides to SEO – the On Page Optimisation (such as making sure that images

are tagged properly and keywords used correctly) – then there’s the Off Page Optimisation which PRs

can play a huge impact in driving. The tech-set call this second part ‘Link Building’ and it’s pretty

much second nature to any PR who values quality online coverage.

Why? Because PRs have known for years that bloggers are influential for brands and have been

pitching stories to our online pals for years. But what we perhaps didn’t realise was that by taking

the time to identify the right bloggers for SEO campaigns we could drastically improve website traffic

and in turn positively impact search.

Below are our top 5 tips on working with bloggers to support SEO and how to get the most from

your campaign.


1. Look beyond reach. It’s important to look at the environment and influence that a blog will

have in driving the right traffic to your campaign. To identify a blogs influence or ‘Domain

Authority’ we tools like MozRank and MozTrust

2. Identify PR Value. We also refer to blogs Page Rank to see the PR Value that Google

attaches to their blog. There are lots of free tools you can use can do this online, such as


3. Provide Tagged Links for Paid Blogger Outreach. If you’re collaboration is paid then you

may want to consider providing your bloggers them with a Tagged Link so you can track how

many people they are driving to your site/event/promotion. We use Bitly to keep an eye on

reach and ROI

4. Extend Your Brand Reach. If it’s a paid blogger collaboration ask what other opportunities

there may be to amplify your campaign, such as offering samples of a new launch to their

email list in return for site reviews or an exclusive give way for their Instagram followers?

5. Finally, don’t underestimate the big guys. Sites like Vogue, Glamour and The Guardian still

massively outperform even some of the biggest bloggers in terms of PR Value so may still

your best bet for juicy exclusives.


Link building for SEO is an important part of any communications strategy and, if executed properly,

can positively impact how your website is ranked by Google on the web, your brand visibility and

ultimately sales.


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31st July 2016


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